What would you prefer; one great hour of soccer a week or a very good week?

Age Group Training Many organizations have a soccer company come in and train an entire age group in a recreation program one day a week in an effort to level out the coaching for all players. After this day, the players go back to their volunteer coaches, who attempt to do their best. Soccer Source 360 calls this program the ‘hit n run’ program. The one day is a great day for the players (a real hit), but the organization runs, leaving the volunteer coach unprepared to coach the remaining practice and game each week.

clubwideWe turn this model upside down so that the players in the club benefit each time they play soccer. We do not send a trainer out to work with each team in the age group for an hour. We send a master coach out for 90 minutes. This coach meets with the volunteer coaches for 15 minutes prior to the practice session. During this pre-training meeting, the master coach goes over the lesson plan with each volunteer and makes sure all of the fields are set up properly. The SS360 master coach then observes each team and coach during the practice.

The master coach steps in to help the volunteer coaches when needed; they provide insight to the coaches from the club, let them know when to move onto the next activity, and point out the quality coaching taking place. The master coach then meets with the group of volunteer coaches for 15 minutes after the practice, reviewing the sessions, providing feedback, and leading a discussion on what worked and how challenges were faced.

Finally, these coaches are given a lesson plan to conduct the 2nd practice for the week.   Each coach receives objectives to teach, and feedback on a weekly basis.

Needless the say, the club saves money because they are only paying one coach.   The club is getting more for less.