What is periodization? Why does your club need to implement it?

Overload, underload, tech/tac, recovery, macro-cycle, meso-cycle, and micro-cycle starts to sound like mumbo-jumbo. Planning each team’s programming on a year cycle can be complicated but will allow for the complete implementation of the age group curriculum, cut down on overuse injuries, foster enjoyment, improve player commitment, and have your team reach peak performance when you want?

Soccer Source 360 can cut through all of the confusion and create yearly plans for your club’s teams that incorporates the practice schedule, league games, tournament games, special events, re-generation periods while implementing the club’s curriculum in the most beneficial way for retention.

Micro-cycles will address the topics in the curriculum during meso-cycles. Each meso-cycle takes a theme such as imprinting, refining, regeneration, and refocus.


Additional factors that effect a team’s yearly plan are geography, playing ability, and commitment level.

We meet with the club leadership and coaching staff prior to assisting each coach with the yearly plan so we can everything into account.

Clubs need to implement periodization to maximize player development, improve retention of soccer players, and to allow parents to plan out their child’s soccer experience.