U13 and U14 Section

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anim1The U13/14 section has a total of 75 activities broken into 15 different practice sessions. The recommended practice time for this age group is 90 minutes per training session.

Each training session begins with a warm-up activity that introduces the players to the topic of the session. The U13/14 section has a techniques part and a tactics part. The technique portion of the section addresses short passing, long passing, dribbling, receiving, heading, and volleying. BrianThe tactics portion addresses support play, counter attacking, combination play, numbers up/down, high pressure defending, defending with varying confrontation lines, building from the defensive third, and building from the middle third.

All activities are explained with text and include coaching points. The U13/14 section also has numerous observations of U13/14 practices and games with additional suggestions on how coaches can improve their players’ performances.