Soccer Source 360 can assess you as a coach or can assess coaches in your club. Director, John Dingle, has experience assessing coaches as a former director of coaching and as a member of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association coaching education staff. When assessing coaches, we will provide you with written feedback on each coach assessed. This feedback will include strengths and weaknesses as well as areas to work on. Reason for having coaches assessed include:

  • Preparing to take a coaching course
  • Preparing for testing in a state level course
  • Sportsmanship issues
  • Evaluations prior to selecting travel/select team coaches
  • Respond to parent concerns

Our coach assessments will let you know if the coaches:

  • Use age appropriate activities
  • Challenge players
  • Recognize teaching moments
  • Get through to the players at the coaching moments
  • Connect the activities to the game
  • Act as a proper role model

Contact to schedule coach assessments for yourself or your club.