Summer Camp Curriculum

Entering our 26rd year of running highly successful soccer camps, Soccer Source 360 has begun to postcoach1 model camp sessions on our website. Every camper will  know what to expect at camp. It is important to note that each session varies so we are able to meet individual and group needs.

Some of our time-tested camp highlights include:

  • A dynamic warm up: the entire camp will meet for 30 minutes to prepare for the day. We use the principle of “one needs to control their body before being able to control the ball, and one needs to be able to control the ball before controlling the game”.   Therefore, each warm up starts without the ball. The ball is introduced after players have a better understanding of body control.
  • Dribbling time each day, so players can develop go to moves that fit their play and personality.
  • All sessions are developed in a simple to complex manner.
  • We use the guided-discovery coaching method.
  • Each session ends with a small sided game.

Click links below to see model sessions.

U5/6 Dribbling Curriculum

U7/8 Passing Curriculum

U9/10 Passing Curriculum

U11/12 Passing Curriculum

U13/14 Passing Curriculum

13 and 14 year olds: Tuesday (passing)