Passing Curriculum 11/12 Year Old Players

Tuesday’s warm up starts with players in groups of two running throughout the grid. The players are instructed towarmup1 stay within a specified number of feet of each other. This forces the players to have spatial awareness that is needed to find players to pass the ball to. We then go through a list of additional conditions before adding a ball. Each pair now shares a ball by passing back and forth with going through the same progression.




Bent Pass Players in groups of three work on bending the ball around one another. The player strikes the ball off bentwpcenter with the instep of the foot to cause the ball to spin.



Chip Pass Players in groups of three work on chipping the ball over one another. The players strikes dead center chipwpunderneath the ball with no follow through causing a spin that forces the ball up quick and then down quick.


Rapid Training Short-Short-Long with Variations Groups of four are formed and then divided into groups ofrapidwp two and placed on opposite sides and outside of a 15 yard  by 25 yard grid.  Groups of two pass the ball back and forth.  On the command of switch the player pass the ball to the player on the other side of the grid who does not have the ball.  Coach conditions a portion of the passes to be bent and a portion to be chipped.  Variations include having the player making the pass follow his pass and complete a double pass combinaiton, dribble through and complete a wall pass, and both players run through with the ball and complet an overlap.

4v1 by passing 2 into 4v1
Three groups of four are formed, one group is designated as defenders for the first rotation. Each of the 4v1-1v4wp other two groups get a grid to possess the ball. The defending group places one player in each grid. The remaining two defenders take a position in between the two grids. One attacking group starts with a ball and attempts to complete four passes playing 4v1.   After four passes, they attempt to pass the ball to the other attacking team by passing the two defenders in between the two grids.

Three groups of four are formed. One group starts off defending. They place two defenders in the grid with 4v4v4the ball and two defenders in between the two boxes. The attacking team attempts to pass the ball three times before being eligible to pass the ball to the other attacking team. When they are successful the defending team must transition to defending against the other attacking team. When the team is not able to play the ball to the other group; they become the defending team and a new ball is played into the other attacking grid.



We end with a 6v6 game.6v6wp