Passing Curriculum for 13 and 14 Year Old Players

Tuesday’s warm up starts with players in groups of two running throughout the grid. The players are instructed to stay warmup1within a specified number of feet of each other.   This forces the players to have spatial awareness that is needed to find players to pass the ball to. We then go through a list of additional conditions before adding a ball. Each pair now shares a ball by passing back and forth with going through the same progression.




Sequence Passing Players are placed in a groups of six and are numbered 1-6. The players must remain moving insequencewp the grid at all times. They must pass the ball in numerical sequence.   Number 6 passes to number 1. This requires players to think ahead and support the ball. We use conditions to increase the speed of play.




Sequence Passing with Passive Opposition Same as above, but we have both groups play in the combined grid.sequenceoppwp This forces tighter angles and gives the players the opportunity to make longer passes.




Pass through the window This difficult activity places players in groups of four. Two players attempt to pass the windowpasswpball one touch through the other two players who are not defending. These players simply shuffle back and forth. The one touch restriction forces the players to time the pass with the pace of the pass becoming extremely important.




Textured 3v1 Players stay in groups of four and play 3v1 possession. The players are encouraged to use deception 3v1wpin passing.   As the space is tight we encourage the players to put spin on the ball to get the ball through small windows.






2v2 Sweatbox Two groups of four are combined. Four players serve as target players outside the small grid. The 2v2sweatwpremaining players play 2v2. They must pass the ball at least once inside the grid before using a target player.






4v2:4v2 One group of four possesses the ball in a grid against two opponents. When the ball changes possession the4v2-2v4 team that won the ball must play the ball to teammates in the opposite grid and then move to support the pass into the grid with the ball. The other team now sends two defenders to play 4v2 in this grid.




6v6 We end with a 6v6 game.6v6wp