Tactics Section

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anim1The Tactics section of the Animation Library has new progressions added on a monthly basis. The topics added come from observations of youth, high school, college, and professional games as well as training sessions. The Soccer Source 360 staff also attends many coaching education workshops, where tactics and methods are demonstrated. When we animate progressions that were presented by a non Soccer Source 360 staff we give credit to the presenter.  tac

A few of the topics in our Tactics Section include:

  • Group Defending
  • Varying Lines of Confrontation
  • Pressing
  • Switching Point of Attack
  • Wall Pass Combination
  • Run Around Combination
  • Double Pass Combination
  • Take Over Combination
  • Starting Forward in an Offside Position
  • Playing Negative
  • Speed of Play
  • Attacking from a Build Up
  • These topics and others can be used by coaches who have players at the technical level. Each tactical activity is explained and coaching information is provided with text.