U9 and U10 Section

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anim1The U9/U10 section contains a total of 104 age appropriate activities for the players. This includes 14 practice sessions of six activities each. We have also animated five creative dribbling move progressions. We recommend a practice time of 75 to 90 minutes for this age group; therefore, we have gone back to six activities for each session to meet the needs of each player, while factoring in his/her attention span. Each practice begins with a warm-up activity that introduces the topic of the training session. Topics include passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, heading, volleying, defending, and team shape. U10The sessions end with a game that allows for the skill of the session to be executed in repetition. Games are shown in 7v7 and 6v6 to reflect the fact that teams do not have enough players to play 8v8 in practice.

Each activity is explained in text with coaching points added. The U9/U10 section also has an observation/suggestion section taken from U9/U10 practices and games.