Technique Section

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anim1In addition to the age group sections, we have added a technique section with over 100 activities. Most activities in this section are part of a training session progression. That is to say, all activities work together for a complete practice that progresses from simple to complex. Topics include: shielding, outside foot passing, crossing, first touch, defensive heading, distance shooting, turning, and others.  Addtional activities are divided into topic and are not part of a practice progression.   Activities in the Techniques section volcan be used across all age groups.   Coaches may use activities to supplement activities already in the coach’s regimen or they can use the complete progression.   All Activities are explained in text with coaching points.   This section is updated frequently throughout the year. During the fall season, animated progressions under the topic of tackling, receiving with the head, dummy runs, fitness with the ball, and ground receiving were added.