U5 and U6 Section

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anim1The coaching manual “Providing an Opportunity for Children to Play and Learn”, can be downloaded from the members only site and used by each clinic coach during the season.  This manual has been used by thousands of coaches while they have been coaching 4, 5 and 6 year old boys and girls.  The U5/6 portion of the Animated Activity Library has a total of 48 soccer activities that have been broken into eight sessions of six activities. Each practice session introduces new and fun activities thatbalance are age appropriate. For example; it is recommended that players of this age have a practice time of one hour. This includes the warm-up, the activities, and the review game at the end of the session. By using this program, your players’ experiences will be filled with fun and challenges.

The U5/6 sessions begin with an activity that doesn’t require a ball. Young players need to be able to control their bodies before they can control a ball.  The next activity introduces the ball and the session progresses with each activity a bit more challenging then the previous.  The session is completed with a directional game that has the players attacking a point while defending a point. 

The overriding theme of all of the U5/6 sessions is dribbling.  All research from across the globe shows that players in this age are not ready to share the ball.  We introduce passing and receiving at the U7/8 age group. 

The U5/6 section concludes with detailed observations of volunteer coaches working with the activities in the U5/6 section and suggestions on how to improve upon the children’s experiences and development.