Passing Curriculum for 7 and 8 Year Old Players

Tuesday’s warm up starts with players in groups of two running throughoutwarmup1 the grid. The players are instructed to stay within a specified number of feet of each other. This forces the players to have spatial awareness that is needed to find players to pass the ball to. We then go through a list of additional conditions before adding a ball. Each pair now shares a ball by passing back and forth while going through the same progression.

We then break into groups.  Dribbling time is the first part of group time.  We want players to become very comfortable with the ball at their feet.  We are guiding the players to become inventors of their own dribbling moves.  As an alternative to teaching dribbling moves, we find players retain more when they invent the moves themselves.

Gate Passing
gatepassingGroups of two cones are spread out throughout a 20 yard by 20 yard grid. Each group of cones represents a gate. Groups of two challenge themselves to pass the ball through as many gates as possible in 30 second intervals. The concept of passing to feet and passing to space is introduced.

Cone Knock Down
coneknockdownWe now place nine inch cones through the grid and require each group of two to attempt to knock down as many cones as they can with a pass from at least five yards from a cone. We place a condition on the players that they must pass a moving ball if needed. This fun activity is repeated as the players get comfortable passing on the move.

Circle Passing
circlepassPlayers are divided into two groups. One group starts in the middle of a circle with a ball. The opposite group starts at a cone forming a circle. Players in the middle dribble the ball through the grid until they find an open player on the outside without a ball and then make a pass to this player. They receive the same ball back after moving into space (pass-move), and then repeat activity. We go through two variations that give the players the opportunity to decide when and where to pass the ball.

Frost Tag
frosttagThis activity also has the players divided into two groups. One group starts with a ball attempting to pass the ball into players on the opposite group. Once a player is hit with a ball, they must remain frozen with their legs spread apart until a player from their group is able to crawl through their legs.   Players can not be hit when they are crawling through a team mate.

2v1Players are placed in groups of four. Each group then divides half and plays 2v1 possession.   One player from the defending team sits down until their team mate wins the ball. This group then plays with a numerical advantage.

2v1 to goal
2v1goalWe now take the above activity to goal.

u6run13We end the three hour session with a 3v3 game.